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seaweedproductions proudly presents:

„A kiss for the eye“


  • sleeping problems?
  • computer work?
  • migraine? headache?
  • allergy ?
  • (light)sensitive ,tired eyes?

Try an eyecushion !!!!!!

Select your favourite color from the rainbow (back side dark blue) !!!!

choose one of three fillings:

  • quinoa/euphrasia (cooling, heavy)
  • linseed/euphrasia (in case of swelling, inflammation, red eyes, lightweight)
  • lavender/linseed/euphrasia (in case of restlessness, problems in falling asleep,for calming down, lightweight

All cushions are anatomically shaped, material: 100 % silk

grains and herbs are organically grown or from wild collection

use: place over eyes for 10-15 minutes, refreshing, relaxing, cooling

before you go to sleep, at the end of a yoga session, inbetween long driving hours, naps during daytime or break at the office


  • 17 Euro for orders of 10 and more
  • 18 Euro for orders of 5 or more
  • 20 Euro each plus postage

Available at:

>>> klick here (pdf)
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